It is Official. Donetsk Separatist Leader was Arrested by the Security Service of Ukraine

18:25 / 06.03.2014 — Новости Донбасса

Donetsk Separatist Leader Pavel Gubarev was arrested. This was reported by Novosti Donbassa`s source in law enforcements.

Several minutes ago Gubarev`s Facebook page was updated with the following information: Pavel Gubarev was arrested by Security Service of Ukraine representatives accompanied by special forces. They forcefully put handcuffs on his hands and took him in unknown direction. 

Information about his arrest appeared as early as this morning, when it was reported that at night police arrested 70 separatists in Donetsk. These separatists were in Donesk Oblast State Administration building which along with the State Treasury building was released from separatists and state flags were raised.

However in several hours this information was denied by Gubarev.

As we reported earlier, on March 5th after Gubarev`s call his supporters seized the Donetsk Oblast Administration building again. The investigation has been started into calls to overthrowing of constitutional order. This was reported by Donetsk Oblast Prosecutor Office press-service.

On March 3rd  unknown people organized seizure of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration building and the Investigation Department of State Administration of Internal Affairs started investigation under Article  341 of the Criminal Code (seizure of buildings) into this.

As for now, under Oblast Prosecutor Office proceeding supervision the qualification of this case has been changed since the component elements of charge of persons who seized the Donetsk Oblast State Administration building  includes crimes envisioned in Article 109 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code (acts directed to forced seizure of power). The investigation of this offence was transferred to Donetsk Oblast Security Service Investigation Department. Now priority investigation is being conducted, witnesses are questioned; materials in the Mass Media are analyzed.

Earlier, Donetsk Oblast Security Service started a case into violation of territorial supremacy of Ukraine. “Under Donetsk Oblast Security Service proceeding supervision a case against self-proclaimed governor of Donetsk Oblast Gubarev was started by Donetsk Oblast Security Service Investigation Department according to Article110, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code” Golomsha said. He also underlined that in the Gubarev`s actions law enforcement representatives see calls to willful acts to change the border of Ukraine. 
As reported earlier, commander of so called Narodnoye Opolcheniye Donbassa Pavel Gubarev that was proclaimed Donetsk Oblast governor by a crowd of separatists was asking the President of Russia to bring troops into Donetsk Oblast.

Gubarev claimed that on March 8th-9th he will gather 100 000 people protest in Donetsk down town to elect temporary Oblast Administration and ask the Russian Federation for support.

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